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Ok I searched on this and could not find the exact answer I was looking ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    8700C with Jabra 250v headset


    Ok I searched on this and could not find the exact answer I was looking for.

    I have an 8700c on Cingular and I am using a Jabra 250v headset. I have been using this headset over 3 8700's that had multiple failures.

    On all of them I notice that the call quality was always not so great, very cracklie.
    I assumed it was the 8700.

    I have recently tried using the 8700 with the wired headset that it came with. I have noticed a GREAT IMPROVEMENT in the call qulaity.

    I decided to stop in a Cingular store and the sales guy had an 8700. I started talking with him and he said he had the same problem with the 250v headset and his 8700. He swapped to a different headset and his problem was solved.

    Is this possible? Is it me? Am I too pickey?

    I used the same headst (the same exact one) on my nextel 7520 with no issues.
    I assumed it should have been ok on the 8700.


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    Re: 8700C with Jabra 250v headset

    Aron, you won't find better call quality than with a wired headset. I guess what it comes down to with the BT headsets is 1) how loud is loud enough? (I have not found one yet that is loud enough for me) and 2) how much interference can I live with.

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    Re: 8700C with Jabra 250v headset

    Must be the headset. I have a 250v and use it all the time with no problems. And I am almost deaf in one ear!

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    Re: 8700C with Jabra 250v headset

    BT headsets will perform differently with different devices. They shouldn't but they do. Try reading up on bluetooth reviews here and on other Blackberry forum sites, paying particular attention to which BB models the reviewers are using.

    I've had excellent results with the Plantronics Voyager 510 on several BB models.

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    Re: 8700C with Jabra 250v headset

    I have 2 250V's that I use with my 8703e and the only problem that I have is how far I can go from the handset w/o getting some crackling. Other than that they work great. Since I travel to areas that require them, I found that the wireless ones are better for head movement and I don;t like the cord hanging down on my neck either. That is my preference but, for me I have not had any problems.

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