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Qwest Communications announced today that Qwest Wireless customers are now eligible to switch their wireless ... PinStack's News & Events Coverage forum

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    Qwest Wireless Customers Now Eligible to Switch to Verizon Wireless


    Qwest Communications announced today that Qwest Wireless customers are now eligible to switch their wireless service to Verizon Wireless through Qwest. That means customers will now have access to America's Most Reliable Network as well as industry-leading handsets, smartphones, BlackBerry devices and high-speed wireless broadband services for e-mail, Internet access and multimedia services, such as mobile music and video. This week Qwest began contacting Qwest Wireless customers directly with specific Verizon Wireless device and calling plan recommendations. Qwest Wireless customers who sign up for Verizon Wireless service through Qwest will be eligible for exclusive offers from Verizon Wireless. For a limited time, Qwest will waive the contract termination fees for existing Qwest Wireless customers who switch to Verizon Wireless service sold through Qwest.

    Additionally, customers with bundled services from Qwest may choose to have their Verizon Wireless services appear on their Qwest bill when billing systems are fully integrated this fall.

    All current Qwest Wireless customers will be notified directly by Qwest with transition recommendations to ensure the best possible customer experience.
    "Qwest customers now have access to the industry's best wireless products and services because of the strong alliance between Qwest and Verizon Wireless," said Dan Yost, executive vice president of IT and Product for Qwest. "I am thrilled at the progress Qwest is making in delivering simple, integrated solutions to our customers."

    "The Verizon Wireless brand stands for quality, reliability, value and innovation," said John Colaiuti, vice president-national distribution for Verizon Wireless. "We look forward to delivering to Qwest customers all the benefits of our brand to provide the best wireless experience available."

    For more information about switching from Qwest Wireless service to Verizon Wireless service call 1 888-879-0611 or visit:

    To find a Qwest Solutions Center near you call 1 877-567-1717 or visit:

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    that figures, I switched from qwest so I could get a BB and had to pay that fee. and now they waive it?? I'm glad I didn't wait because I love my BB but I almost wish I had. hmm oh well, good info!
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