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    MedShare's Advanced BlackBerry Solution Helps Therapy Partners Inc. Revo...


    Home Health Care workers have enthusiastically received MedShare's advanced mobile health information application for the BlackBerry. Following a successful 6 month pilot project sponsored by Research In Motion, Therapy Partners was able to reduce the administrative burden on their office staff and therapists while improving coordination of care. Christine Reno, Business Director at Therapy Partner's says, "The Therapists love it. They can send secure emails to get more information before a patient visit instead of playing telephone tag. They get faster answers from our office or from other therapists on email and that helps them do their jobs better."

    Home care workers spend up to 31% of their time performing administrative tasks either at their own home or in the office. These tasks include hand writing notes, filling in charts, and faxing this information back to the office. Hours spent by the home care worker are matched equally by the administration staff at the agency. MedShare for BlackBerry provides immediate access to scheduling and client records and includes remote data capture automatically updating central databases and reducing duplication of effort.

    The MedShare for BlackBerry project has improved communication and time management of the home care workers allowing them to increase the number of patients they are able to visit, reducing the backlog of home care clients in Ontario. Ontario currently has 30,000 home care staff visiting over 560,000 service orders and the back log of clients is growing. The partnership that Therapy Partners, MedShare, and RIM have forged will help those patients in Southern Ontario that depend on home care workers for important services. It will also help overworked home care workers lessen the burden of after-hours paperwork and spend more time doing the job they love, taking care of their clients.

    Ms. Reno states, "I'm very open to technology like the BlackBerry solution because it benefits our company's ability to make more patient visits and improve the quality of life for our therapists and the patients they care for."

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    I think BB's will revolutionise healthcare systems around the world. The security and the ease of use will put BB at the forefront of point-of-care solutions

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