NEW YORK -- Sep. 16, 2008 Intridea, Inc., the agile enterprise Web 2.0 company, today announced the debut of, a Twitter-like short-form communication tool for the enterprise. combines the universal premise of Twitter with collaboration, security and privacy; an API for enterprise integration; and a proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. In doing so, promises to revolutionize the way company employees let others know what they are working on, tap the collective knowledge of colleagues, and track relevant information in real time -- via the Web, mobile devices, instant messaging (IM) and more. Intridea is being launched in conjunction with Web 2.0 Expo, which runs September 16-19, 2008, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, NY.
"Short-form communications and microblogs provide a powerful way for consumers to reach out to each other, which is redefining interactions on the Web," said Dave Naffis, president, products at Intridea. "With, we are taking that communications revolution inside the walls of companies and providing an agile alternative to the many 'status' meetings that drain employee resources and time."
Continuous Enterprise Communication is the newest Ruby on Rails-based, on-demand enterprise social media solution from Intridea. It provides an unmatched set of tools for constant communication and awareness in the workplace, from small businesses with 5 employees to enterprises with 50,000.
To use, a company simply signs up online and is given a sub-domain to which it can add any number of users. Employees can immediately begin posting updates and following the posts of others. They also can create and join groups -- for example, "IT" or "Accounting" -- and respond to other users' posts to facilitate collaboration. Posts are indexed and archived to provide a record of status, discussions and decisions. Access is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication and log-on credentials. offers integration through a flexible API that is fully compatible with Twitter's API to simplify the adaptation of existing scripts, libraries, and clients while logically integrating the features of that go beyond the capabilities of Twitter. The same API can be used to integrate with any range of enterprise resources, such as calendars, wikis, XML files, or LDAP1 directories, as well as to push data out to Twitter or other microblogs. also enables the rapid sharing of documents and media between employees by leveraging the Intridea MediaPlug media appliance server to seamlessly deliver images, transcoded video and audio, and documents with built-in virus scanning.
Finally, supports the broad range of access points used by enterprise employees, including Web browsers, IM, and mobile devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry. Significantly, employees can post updates using their mobile devices in addition to reading other users' posts.
"With, Intridea provides a managed intersection between business productivity collaboration and the newer, proven modes of how people like to interact socially online," said Dana Gardner, founder of IT research firm Interarbor Solutions, and author of Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect blog on "The ability to collaborate and integrate using combines a user's natural language ease with Web-based communications scale (up and down), but in the context of business- and projects-based activities. It also gives IT leaders a chance to take advantage of the new tricks in group communications -- yet in a secure, compliant and managed way."
Availability and Pricing is available today. The on-demand solution, which also includes the MediaPlug functionality, is free for up to 5 users. Pricing ranges from $14 per month for 15 users to $99 per month for 100 users. Additional users can be added at a metered rate of $1 per user. On-premise options are available and can run on Ruby or JRuby. Contact Intridea through to learn more.
About Intridea
Intridea, Inc. develops high-performance Web 2.0 applications and services to help enterprises realize the power of cloud computing and social networking. Intridea solutions are based on the Ruby on Rails Web application framework for agile development. Intridea actively contributes to Rails directly and through open source plug-ins, and hosts Acts As Community, the social network created to encourage communication and collaboration among users of the Ruby programming language. Intridea is headquartered in Washington, DC. For more information, visit
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