Bluepulse, the award-winning free mobile social messenger, today launched innovative collapsible messaging and announced a new and improved user interface. Bluepulse allows users to send group and peer-to-peer messages, update their status, capture what they are doing with a picture or video and share it with their network immediately – from any Internet-enabled mobile phone, wherever they are and whenever they want. To ensure that the new user interface is performing at an optimal level for its users, Bluepulse held a soft launch beginning on June 11, and gathered feedback from its top 8000 users. Bluepulse took a close look at the responses garnered from these power users and made the appropriate revisions to the new user interface. Bluepulse continues to work closely with users to guarantee the best possible features and user experience.

“We’ve found that people want instant gratification; they want to say what they’re doing right now, not what they already did,” said Ben Keighran, founder and CEO of Bluepulse. “Our community has told us that they want to stay in constant touch with their network of friends via their mobile with both text and media, so we’re reinforcing our simple and user-friendly mobile messaging platform with some exciting first-of-its-kind feature upgrades. We believe that Bluepulse can be the one application for all the messaging you do from your phone.”

Bluepulse’s new collapsible messaging feature makes it easier for users to consume and manage a large volume of messages from friends and groups. Group members will see all messages from that group in one thread collapsed into a single line that displays the most recent message. This thread is expandable with a simple click and allows the user to scan through messages quickly – an amazing time saver for people with a mobile social lifestyle.

Collapsible messaging also groups messages together by type of message. This is another time and space saver for users when, for instance, they have friends who update their status frequently. With collapsible messaging, they will see the friend’s name next to the latest status message, with all of the other status messages collapsed under that. The unread status messages will be in bold, allowing users to zero in on what they want to read. In the same manner, direct peer-to-peer messages from the same person will all be collapsed under a single line.

In order to strengthen the simple and user-friendly platform that currently exists, Bluepulse has also introduced two new feature upgrades:
  • Bluepulse will remember the two most recent people a user messaged and display those names on the main Messenger page. Users now only have to check the boxes next to those names to send them a message.
  • It is now even easier for Bluepulse users to update their status so they can tell their friends what they are doing at any given moment, multiple times a day. To update your own Bluepulse status, simply go to the bottom of the main Messenger page or to the ‘Me’ tab.
The Bluepulse business continues to grow very quickly; the company has delivered more than a half-billion messages in the past six months. With these upgrades, Bluepulse is continuing to invest in its business and enhance its technology, and remains the world’s fastest growing mobile social messenger. To get Bluepulse, type “” into your mobile browser on any Internet-enabled phone. New users can immediately message, invite friends to join by entering in their email addresses, phone numbers or by accessing their address books from other webmail applications, and share media with other Bluepulse users.

About Bluepulse
Bluepulse is a privately-held mobile social media company based in San Mateo, California that is busy building one of the world’s largest communities on the Mobile Web. The company is one of the fastest growing mobile social communities in the world, and currently delivers more than 150 million messages per month to users in more than 190 countries around the globe. Bluepulse enables and encourages users to broadcast their lives to their friends from their mobile phone with quick text, picture and video updates. In December 2006, Bluepulse launched its game-changing social messaging application that works on most Internet-enabled phones around the world – approximately one billion handsets.

In October 2007, Bluepulse made the platform Mobile-Web based. What started out as founder Ben Keighran’s hobby has evolved into a global social messenger for mobile users. Bluepulse was named to the FierceWireless 15 list, was an AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 Winner, a finalist for the Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) 23rd Annual CODiE Awards and a Red Herring North America 100 finalist. Ben Keighran has been named one of Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, one of BusinessWeek’s best young entrepreneurs 25 and under and a SmartCompany Idol.