PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Ando Media, LLC, the leading ad serving and measurement platform for broadcast media, and AirKast, Inc., a mobile media software provider, announces a partnership to provide broadcasters with the first fully integrated mobile media platform. This new platform offers a way for broadcasters to create and stream targeted brand and sponsor messages based on the physical location of a mobile device, and track the influence and reach of their ads.

"This partnership enables broadcasters with the ability to extend their reach to a listener's mobile device," said Paul Krasinski, Executive Vice President with Ando Media, LLC. "In addition, this is the only solution on the market today that presents broadcasters with additional revenue opportunities in the emerging world of visual mobile advertising; without investing in additional costly applications. Our goal is to make it easy and efficient for our clients to extend their radio lifestyle to a listener's mobile device."

AirKast developed TuneKast, the only mobile media solution that gives broadcasters a way to truly "get mobile" with its listeners. TuneKast runs on mobile devices ranging from the most basic phones to high end smart phones including the iPhone and BlackBerry. Far beyond a simple radio player, TuneKast is a web-based solution that streams audio, video and graphical advertisements to mobile devices, and allows these "smart" ads to be targeted based on the specific geographic location of the listener. With the benefit of Ando Media Webcast Metrics, broadcasters can track their ads in real-time.

"We understand the need for radio stations to aggressively pursue the digital channels to extend their brands," said Larry Leung, Chief Executive Officer of AirKast, Inc. "With our joint solution, a radio station can extend their reach from local area to national, or even international listeners."

Ando Media, LLC is a leading Internet based ad platform and performance monitoring company focused on broadcast media. The company supports in-stream audio ad insertion, multi-media ad insertion capabilities, and performance and metrics reporting for broadcasters. Founded in 2004, Ando Media is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island with offices nationwide.

AirKast, Inc. is a mobile media software provider headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with an office located in New York City. Its mobile media platform, TuneKast, has the ability to dynamically monitor mobile customers and deliver targeted advertisements based on location to mobile devices or connected PCs.