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I went thru 3 WM PPC Phone Edition devices a few years ago (HP iPAQ ... Windows Smartphones forum

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    I went thru 3 WM PPC Phone Edition devices a few years ago (HP iPAQ 6315) and several other devices (2 Dell Axim X50's and a Compaq iPAQ 3835 PPC non-phone) and although they were weak device-wise (due to the 6315's becoming non functional after one drop) the software and OS on them were very stable. I had none of the hour glass situations or random shut downs I do with BB.

    I had no problems finding games for them. I would have preferred a bigger keyboard though because the snap on keyboard that came with it was very tiny. Only reason I switched from WM to BB is because I wanted a smaller device. The 6315 and all other devices before and after (including non-phone WM devices) were CLUNKY.
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    Apps were the biggest plus... and probably the WIDE range of hardware.

    Back when I use to review hardware devices, I remember a fellow reviewer stating that Doc2Go for Palm beat Office Mobile suite in quality and reliability. I didn't believe it -- till I tried them side-by-side.

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    i just think they have easy access to getting hacks for the windows...but RIM is better )

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