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Folks, now the the HTC HD2 is officially coming out on 3/24, i am curious ... Windows Smartphones forum

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    Question TMO HTC HD2 multi-language typing


    Folks, now the the HTC HD2 is officially coming out on 3/24, i am curious to know if:
    1- you can write or text in different languages other than English and switch back and forth like the blackberry. My concern is i am used to switching between French, German and English when i text or write email or chat on my blackberry. Will i be able to do the same with this phone?
    2-How easy and simple is it to toggle between screens for example copying and pasting some information from one spreadsheet to another or from one email to another?
    3-How easy is it to have your gmail and yahoo acct opened at the same time on this phone?
    Like the blackberry, is there a desktop manager for this phone to connect to your pc and manage and backup your files, music and pics?
    4-Can you connect this phone to your printer and print pics or docs directly via bluetooth or usb cable?
    5- is it easy to connect the phone to the car radio to play music?
    6- Can someone please tell me more about Win 6.5? is it good or bad? is it user friendly or not?
    8- I have win 7 on my laptop, will this phone be compatible when connecting to it?

    I thank everybody and anyone who will be nice enough to read and answer my questions.

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    this is a very old thread, but all those answers can b found at the hd2forum and xda developers as well as here

    2,3,4,and 8 are yes, and i think everything else u asked is where i guided you - i have one and love it - i would not even think of moving to the new windows phone 7

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