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Ok, so I had theunfortunate occurrence of dropping my phone the other day, and my ... Windows Smartphones forum

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    What’s the best type of protective case for Windows smartphone?


    Ok, so I had theunfortunate occurrence of dropping my phone the other day, and my heartimmediately sunk. This is probably my 4th phone, but my first smartphone, and Ihave never bought a case or cover before. Finding the right case has been alittle bit of a journey for me so far. I have been to several sites that Icompletely hated, because the pictures were too small or they did not haveenough information...blah blah blah. Tomake a long story short, I stumbled across this site dedicated soley to windowsphone cases (which is what I have).

    I usually don'tshamelessly promote sites, but I do give them some love when I see that theyactually provide something useful. This particular WP7 case site reallyorganized things for me. On the home page they have all of the different typesof windows phone 7 cases laid out including Samsung Focus Cases, LG QuantumCases, HTC Surround Cases, and HTC HD 7 Cases. Also, the images are huge(providing more than enough detail to make an informed decision) :-) but thesite is still relatively fast. I'm not sure what type of WP7 you have, but mineis a Focus. They do have dedicated pages for most of the popular models:

    Now my only problem is what type of case tobuy? Or, should I get more than one kind? Some of the cases look pretty cool(but the question is do they really protect the phone). Any feedback you wouldbe appreciated. I'm thinking of getting a couple of different kinds, I mean they really don't cost much.

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    Some of those are nice looking. You should also look at offerings from Otterbox and Seidio, as well.

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    Yeah, nice cases, let us know which one you bought. And possibly a hands on report/pic thread of it on your device.
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    I would surely check out the Seidio site before choosing. There are many of good case manufacturers out there - I've just found Seidio fits my needs best. Of course if you're into decorative cases you may be on the right track already.
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    Wireless charging case and leather case these good type of protective case.

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