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You might have more than one Windows Mobile phone, or if your phone is stolen ... Windows Smartphones forum

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    Manage your phone content on PC


    You might have more than one Windows Mobile phone, or if your phone is stolen or lost accidentally, and you want to share your favorites, notes and messages with your friends and family's phone, or just want to backup your phone contents… Anything can be happen one day. And, Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager is to fix above said troubles or problems.
 Compared with Microsoft ActiveSync, Mobile Phone Manager has superior functions and features besides synchronization. The software combines Backup, Restore, Copy and Outlook integration all in just one application. Now, I will let you know how it works. Firstly, after launching the software, there will pop up a registration window. Create your own account to protect your private info. Then, connect your phone by USB cable or Bluetooth and the connection wizard window will automatically appear to guide you to connect your phone. Just follow the introductions. After connection, your phone node will show up in the left tree list. Click related index to view your phone contents. The following will introduce the four functions: sync, backup, copy and restore. Sync
 Click your phone name in the tree list and then click the Sync button on the right top of main interface. Select one solution if there is conflict in data and click "Next". Finally choose index like Contacts, Messages, E-mail, Calendar, Tasks and Notes you want to synchronize and start sync.
 Click the first button at the bottom to backup data to PC and check index you want to backup. Here, allow you to create password for your data security and choose the path to save the backup file. 
 Restore Click the second button at the bottom to restore your backup data and check the item you want to restore. Here, you can also add backup file from local or save your current data since the restoring is unrecoverable. 
Copy Click the third button to copy your phone data to your PC or the fourth button to copy local data to your phone. Then, select index you want to copy to PC. Well, there still have more features you can explore and have a try. For example, synchronize your phone with Outlook, create several accounts to manage your phone data, connect several phones at the same time, and so on. What Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager can do is more than you imagine.

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    Your post is very difficult to read. How about editing it using a few paragraphs, some spacing and maybe a highlight or two to make it easier on the eyes? Otherwise, I don't think very many users will read it. I didn't.
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    Very informative as I may be switching to Windows Mobile myself. Thanks for the post.

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