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Been reading that the biggest problems with these 2 is the OS system keeps freezing ... Windows Smartphones forum

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    Question Have the HTC Pure/Tilt 2 problems been fixed?


    Been reading that the biggest problems with these 2 is the OS system keeps freezing up, has there been any updates released to solve these problems? I ask because i am looking at buying one of them to replace my blackberry curve 8320.

    Been fed up with my curve for a while now, i am actually on my second one because my first wasnt holding a charge even after replacing the battery so they sent me a refurbished one who is starting to do the same and on top of it the thing likes to turn itself off and on whenever it feels like it. So you can see my frustration, i luv blackberry and this is the first phone i have had problems with but think its time for a change. I really like the Tilt 2 because of the slide out board but the Pure just has something about it that makes me like it a bit more. I am hoping that AT&T will give me an exception and let me upgrade early because of the problems i have had with my blackberry, if they do i am definitely getting either the Pure or Tilt but want to make sure AT&T is making an effort to solve the kinks...

    Also, what type of apps are available is there a list somewhere?

    Thank You.

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    i haven't recognized any problems with my Tilt 2. although i've only had it a day lol. but i felt the same..i got tired of my curve 8900. no issues. just felt like too much child's play and sooo many updates through RIM. only issue was i couldn't get my txts, emails, internet access if RIM's servers were down..not ATT's. which is BS.
    i love tha HTC Tilt 2 is straight forward handling of txts and emails. and the UI is gorgeous. lots of options..just like blackberry. although it does take getting used to. touchscreen is not as responsive as iphone's and unfortunately Apple has the copyright on that. i would go with the Tilt 2 instead of the Pure. i've attempted to deal with the touchscreen keyboard but the physical slide out keyboard is sooo much easier and less irritating to use.
    i'm still trying to figure out apps. so far i love the myspace app. its smoother and more gorgeous than the blackberry's and could say iphone's also. facebook is a lil slow. and if you twitter..good luck finding one that's nice as Ubertwitter. twitter apps are just now starting to show up for WinMo phones.

    hope this helps.

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    I haven't had any issues with my freeze-ups or anything. Hope this thing lasts until 7 series comes to at&t!

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