Good day all!

We are very pleased to announce today the release of the new SBSH Calendar Touch 2.1!!! Calendar Touch 2.1 is a free upgrade to all registered users of SBSH Calendar Touch 2.0 and higher. Upgrade details and registration information for new users can be found towards the end of this post.

SBSH Calendar Touch is the ultimate time management solution for Windows Mobile Touch, providing productive tools to track and manage your agenda with the touch of your finger! Calendar views; Search Utility; Filters; Attendees notifications and much more! Calendar Touch offers the perfect personal time management solution for the professional user wrapped with market leading touch user interface!

Calendar Touch 2.1 - Getting Started!

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to view the new introductory video created for the new Calendar Touch 2.1, we invite you to first view this new video. This video gives a great presentation of the main new interfaces and features we implemented as part of the new version development.

Please take a few moments to view this video to become familiarized with the changes introduced in this version at the following YouTube link:

What's New With Calendar Touch 2.1?

1. User Interface Enhancements

To make Calendar Touch even more finger friendly, we've spent a lot of time working on the user interface. We are very excited to introduce several new user interface features:

+ Touch Tray Bar The standard WM5 tray bar has been completely replaced with an intuitive and larger tray area that can be activated with the finger. All Calendar views now have very easy to use navigation buttons to go to previous and next date range, as well as simplified access to the date picker. Task and Search views also have their own set of buttons to make doing common tasks much faster.

+ Touch Scroll Display Also new to this version is Touch Scroll. The standard Windows Mobile scrolling window has been replaced with Touch Scroll Display. Now you can use your finger to move the scrollable area up and down, and then tap on an item to see a list of commands. In addition to the List, Tasks, and Daily views, the quick list area of the Monthly view is Touch-Scrollable, and so is each day in the Weekly view!

+ Full Screen Scrolling Menus Application menus and context menus have been replaced with new finger friendly--and scrollable--full screen menus.

2. New Languages

Thank you to the translators who have helped localize Calendar Touch into these languages:

+ Portuguese
+ Spanish
+ Czech
3. Other Enhancements

+ All new images, provided by Juni!

+ Date navigation animation When swiping quickly left or right in the Calendar views to go to the previous or next date range, the transition to the new date range is animated.

+ Date Picker changes The center button on Calendar Views brings up the Date Picker. The new left and right arrows on the Date Picker will go back and forth by one week. The center button will Go To Today immediately. Therefore, from any view, two taps on the center button in the Touch Tray Bar will bring you back to today's date. Please note that the up and down swipes that were present in the prior versions of Calendar Touch are no longer supported, because this would otherwise interfere with the Touch Scroll Display. The functionality of these swipes has been replaced by more intuitive access to the date picker.

+ Added Task Offset option On the Tasks View settings screen, I added a new option to offset new tasks by a certain number of days (defaulting to 7). This applies only in the Tasks View, because in other views, the context of the date is always present.

+ Direct link to Category Manager added to Settings Menu

+ More intuitive access to Task grouping and sorting, including 2nd and 3rd level sorts.

+ Title bar text marked with an asterisk (*) when the view is filtered.

+ Copy/Cut/Paste support enabled in edit controls In edit controls, a context menu containing these edit commands is now supported.
Registering Calendar Touch

Calendar Touch costs $24.95

Click here to register Calendar Touch on our web-site

Notice: users who registered Calendar Touch in the past are entitled to upgrade to this new version for free. Simply download the new version using the download links here below and install the new version on top of the previous version - your registration information will carry with you to this new version automatically.

Download links for Calendar Touch version 2.1

Click here to download SBSH Calendar Touch 2.1 PC installer (EXE file)

Click here to download SBSH Calendar Touch 2.1 OTA installation file (CAB file)

A Quick Word on Future Development

We really hope you find the new version of SBSH Calendar Touch easy-to-use, fun, and powerful! Although this version represents an important step in a new direction for us, it is by no means complete. We have plenty of enhancements scheduled for upcoming releases, including better Touch access to creating and editing appointments and tasks, as well as some brand new features that many users are asking for.

We hope you will all enjoy using this new version and the exciting new features implemented with it and looking forward to hear your thoughts and experience with this new version.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks and months as we announce new exciting releases!