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I found this article on the Palm Pre and home Brew Apps. Article What was ... HP Smartphones forum

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    Pre: Home Brew Apps


    I found this article on the Palm Pre and home Brew Apps.


    What was that, 4 days? The Palm Pre only went on sale in America on Saturday, but already one Pre owner has hacked into WebOS and made his own Pre app. Read on to see how it’s done!
    Last night, a rom of the WebOS Palm Pre operating system leaked out online, and Palm Pre fanatics familiar with coding were all over it in an instant. So much so, that by this morning, the first homebrew Palm Pre app had been made, a simple screen that pops up with the message “Hello World!”.
    The current workaround involves editing another Palm Pre app already on the phone and hilariously, part of the process to hack the Palm Pre and start tinkering with the apps involves tapping in the legendary Konami cheat code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) in order to enter developer mode.
    It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Palm Pre owners, as Palm has yet to release its WebOS SDK for all third parties. Expect plenty more ingenious hacks on the way for the Palm Pre before the App Catalog hits

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    I was reading some of this earlier, great stuff, especially the konami thing. Lots of other funny stuff hidden in the code too. Makes me wish I understood coding languages so I could play too
    ~via smartphone

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