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    CES 2009: Palm Pre (Sprint)



    The Palm Pre may be the first truly social smartphone. Palm's brand-new webOS brings all of your networks and contacts together and creates a people-centric way of communicating. The Pre's software isn't finalized, but we got some quality time with the handset at CES 2009, and so far, we like what we see.

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    Ask me.
    I was a Palm user up until a while ago and NOW they come out with this....Too bad I love my blackberry now.

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    I never have been a Palm user but this looks like something I could use if it had expandable memory.

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    Glad to see this thread Lavagirl. I spent yesterday doing practically nothing but reading about the Palm Pre (and drinking espresso).

    The Palm Pre was awarded THREE Best of CES awards, a first for any product. Best Cell Phone/Smartphone, the Peoples Voice award, and the Best in Show award were all bestowed upon the Pre. David Pogue can be seen gushing about it too. He thinks "this might be the one".

    This phone rocks, and "iphone killer" comments aside, does have many features lacking in the Apple touchscreen. (Many former Apple employees are now at Palm. John Rubenstein, now Executive Chairman at Palm (he leads research, development, and engineering), was instrumental in the creation of both the iMac and iPod).

    The live "cards", multitasking ability, and cut and paste to mention a few. Oh yeah, and everything you enter on the phone is automatically saved, always. What a time saver that is alone compared to my Flip.

    Rather than go on about it here are some links I came across yesterday that proved helpful. Palm has now put up the entire CES demo on their site:

    This is a more up close and personal demo from the Palm VP of Product Design:

    Here is a great comparison article from the iPhoneblog:

    Here is a link on the processor, "arguably the most powerful application processor available".

    If this thing can make and receive phone calls and the ringer is loud enough I want one.

    Note to T-Mobile UMA users: Sprint has Airave, a same but different approach that will give you (and me) a signal in the home.
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