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Originally Posted by boomboom I believe Palm has released the Treo Pro for GSM, just ... HP Smartphones forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomboom View Post
    I believe Palm has released the Treo Pro for GSM, just not in the us, you can pick one up on E-bay but $500 later, it might not be worth it. Thou the Windows Mobile platform isn't as bad as the outdated Palm Garnet.

    Colbalt looks to be like a nice OS, problem is that they don't have it out on a device yet. I believe Colbalt is Palm OS 6.x and above.
    Sprint is releasing it later this year. I'm waiting for it so I can get better service and signal in my house.

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    I have the treo 650 and it is a nice phone, but my blackberry 8800 & Bold IMO is the big boy on the block!

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    i am a big Blackberry 8820 Fan i do not know why but i am.. I went to a unlocked Treo 750 With Windows Os and i sold it about 2 weeks later and i went back to my BB... every time i get a new phone i always go back to my bb.. I am a bb fan for life
    i have had a G1 and a Palm and even a iphone but i always go back to my berry i guess i am just use to it and if someone with wrong with i i always know what to do.
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    well having BB become to be a lifestyle. I will never get rid of my BB

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    Ive had a few Treos, 600, 650, and 680. They are adequate , but really dont compare to the features of one of the newer (camera) Blackberries. Im sure Palm has addressed this with the new one they just came out with, but I have not used one so I cant speculate.

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    I have Treo 750 V (winmo 5), and three BBs (8100, 8700g and Bold). The Treo is a good smart phone, but certainly can't replace BB as a business phone. Why 3 BBs? Simple, first bought 8700, loved it and don't want to part with it. Same with 8100: keeping the Treo just because it was my first entry into the windows mobile world. By the way also have palm tungsten e2 for which I use a Nokia for wireless purposes; also two winmo 6.1 HTC touch Diamond and HTC touch pro. Having said all, the BBs are my best companions
    ~via smartphone
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    So True

    Quote Originally Posted by anandsihra View Post
    I have temporarily started using a Treo 650 until my Bold comes, and I must say going to a Palm device from a BlackBerry is like moving from a 5 star hotel to a roach motel. The Palm simply lacks the sophistication of the BlackBerry IMHO. And VersaMail sucks.
    I have never read a post any more true. VERSAMAIL BLOWS. The palm OS isnt user friendly. The Blackberry is full of options. Palm's OS just isnt very well thought out. Im with BB for Life. I have a Palm 650 and 750 and im selling them on Craigslist.

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