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    Will an iphone with a ATT sim card(with a BB unlimted data plan) work.


    Team PinStack

    I am entertaining the thought of purchasing an iphone and using my ATT sim card. I currently use a BB Bold with a BB unlimited plan on ATT. My blackberry syncs through my work BES system.

    I do own an itouch. When connected through wifi after entering my exchange info into the itouch I am able to sync everything through the our BES system to include getting instant emails, contacts and calendar info on my itouch.

    The question please.......

    Will I be able to connect to my BES system with the iphone, like my itouch, when using my ATT sim card without changing plans?
    Will i have to contact att and change my profile or account info? I'm hoping with the unlimited data I currently have I will not have to change anything. I called the corporate ATT store today and he told me there is no difference in cost between an unlimited BB plan and unlimited iphone plan.

    I am hoping I will not have to contact anyone about the change. Is this possible?

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    You may be able to get away with it if you jailbreak it and install the APN editor. If that doesn't work you'll need to change plans. I use tmobile with my iPhone and I had to get the smartphone plan.
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    You will have to change your data package, I belive.

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    it used to doesnt work anymore
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    Yes it will work and you dont have to jailbreak or unlock it, go to from your iphone browser over wifi and change you APN

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    Yeah if you're using it under the AT&T Network... you don't need to unlock or jailbreak it. Just call Care and they will change you from Blackberry Enterprise to iPhone Enterprise, no cost difference. Might get a prorated charge if you change it midstream, but that's it.
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