The simultaneous voice and data is a huge feature when you really think about it. So many talk about or point out how the iPhone (past) could not multi task and talk about how great Verizon is but they seem to forget without simultaneous voice and data network it does not matter.

AT&T has this and it does make a difference, now with iOS4 the two are made for each other. Once again I will also add I've not has one issue with the reception like some report.

I hope another carrier does get the iPhone soon so that we can see thousands of ppl switch over and lighten the load on AT&T. Those will be the same ppl who begin compalining how you can't have simultaneous voice and data. It's going to be awesome to read all about it. It will spawn a whole new era of discussions for many years.

I'm going to stick my neck out an predict Verizon will find a way to Brand the iPhone if they get it and it will also cost the users more money in some way. LTE or not they are still all about the $ and their Brand.