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Originally Posted by spike41615 i love it. Its going to be hard come decision day ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by spike41615 View Post
    i love it. Its going to be hard come decision day between the BOLD and iphone 3G
    Its a cool phone media wise but the bold will be something else.. I debating to see if i get the iphone as a toy I will have to keep my curve if i get the bold i will just forget bout the iphone fast depends which is cheaper too

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    It's hot and everything, but no. Like I said before I must have a keyboard to type. The iPhone is def. not for me.

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    i think im ready to leave tmobile and join at&t. tmobile is taking too long to change to 3G - and i dont have good reception in my house with tmo, i have great with att- some family members have att- $299 for a 16gb white iphone is not bad either, thats the price tmo wants to sell me the bb 8120! and we all know the bb 8120 does not have 16gb!
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    I'm hugely brand loyal to tmo, but the iPhone is slammingly awesome. Idk, I'm tied D:

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    I think, not enough new features. Doesn't seem to live up to the hype so far.

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