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Using this set up I am now getting instant push notification of new Gmails on ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Want instant Push notification for Gmail on your iPhone?


    Using this set up I am now getting instant push notification of new Gmails on my iPhone. Seems that Thunderbird interacts with Gmail (IMAP) very well.

    From Cybernet News

    I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to come up with a way to get push notifications on my iPhone for my Gmail accounts, but up until today there wasn’t really anything available. Thanks to an iPhone app called Prowl I’m now receiving nearly instantaneous push notifications on my phone.
    Follow this LINK to the step by step instructions.
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    This is awesome! I've always wanted the iphone email to allow filters and such like the BBs allow. Now I won't get as much spam as long as I keep my PC running.

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    There's an app called "Pushmail" that works well with gmail, and also uses push notifications.... once you have this, you can turn off email polling, save yourself a ton of battery, and then use "AppGmail" (basically the google app mobile gmail site but without the safari task bar eating up screen real estate) to manage your account.

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