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Hi guys/gals, I just thought I'd let ya know in case you didn't know that ... Apple iPhone forum

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    VLC Player for IPHONE/ITOUCH


    Hi guys/gals,

    I just thought I'd let ya know in case you didn't know that there is a beta version for you guys to try out. I found out 3 weeks ago as I was looking up for some new stuff for my cousin's Itouch. He can now play files using VLC. I wish RIM smartened up and got this instead of being able to read divx files. VLC as some of you know by now, reads every format out there. I was searching online to let you guys know what I'm talking about. You guys are lucky to have that option. I'm still debating whether or not I should go and join you in the Iphone experience. I'm waiting for the Storm to see how smooth it works; I played with the Iphone several times but still not 100% sure I'm ready to leave my BB. I'm open to new things but I'm just not sold yet. Once the storm comes out; my desicion will be made. Anyway, here's the link for you guys to find out about that VLC player for your Itouch/Iphone.

    P.S. As I mentioned this is kinda old news but I didn't see it on this section and thought I'd share with you. If you already knew about it don't comment "I already knew that" defeats the purpose. This information is for those who haven't heard of it yet.

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    Yea I'm in the same situation like u I'm jus waittin for the storm come out so I can make up my mind if I'm switching from sprint to verizon with the storm or att with the iphone...I hope the storm comes out strong bc I luv my bb... Lol

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    you two clearly dont wanna leave blackberry otherwise you would have done it already lol

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    Personally, I don't think the Storm will give you the same experience as the iPhone.

    It doesn't have multi-touch. The only good thing is the BlackBerry OS.

    You will not have to wait for email. You will not have to open your instant messenger to get the message. You can cut and paste.

    But it will not have Safari or YouTube.

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    the storm can do YouTube no problem

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    any phone with a good os can do youtube--
    quality will be the key here..
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