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BGR has supplied their list, and there's plenty in user comments. (NOT to detract from ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Top 10 Improvements Needed For iPhone


    BGR has supplied their list, and there's plenty in user comments. (NOT to detract from the fact this is a great phone - they'll be critiquing the Bold next. Always room for improvement!)
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    I read this and their follow-up 10 things we hate about the BlackBerry and I must say that to me they have much more substantial gripes about the iPhone. Several things on the BB list seem much more trivial like the scrolling in pop-up menus like app permissions. I mean come on, scrolling to china....really?

    I think there are legitimate items in both lists, and there is always room for improvement but to me it seemed like they really had to dig to come up with the 10 for BlackBerry.
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    thank you guys for the links pretty interesting.

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    Personal opinion:

    1. You can’t use custom sounds for email notifications, SMS, etc.
    -- Can be done after jailbreaking.

    2. Copy and paste. Sorry, but it’s ridiculous at this point.
    -- Can't argue with this one. No one can.

    3. When forwarding an email with an attachment, the iPhone sends it out locally. That means if you have a 1MB attachment, you have to send 1MB worth of data when forwarding. This doesn’t happen on Windows Mobile or the BlackBerry — it’s sent from the server. Not cool.
    -- I don't email on my iPhone, so I never knew about this, but this is pretty stupid. Then again though, the data plans are unlimited anyhow, so why does it matter?

    4. No unified inbox. At this point, there’s no reason you should have to go through the rigmarole of switching through tabs and endless menus to get to another email inbox. Cut this down, give us color-coded emails that correspond with that particular account — something!
    -- Again, I don't email, but seems like a valid point.

    5. Video recording. Again, it’s technically possible, but we don’t have it.
    -- Jailbreak --> Cycorder

    6. The touch screen capture button in the Camera application is horrid. Let’s use one of the volume keys or something to take a picture. It’s not a good setup.
    -- I happen to like this a lot more than using the shutter button on my Pearl.

    7. You can’t forward text messages. Something that is a no-brainer just isn’t here.
    -- *goes to check phone* Wow, that IS bad.

    8. There isn’t a way to delete individual calls from the recent call list. Not that we need to hide anything from our girlfriends or anything…
    -- Completely agree.

    9. No file structure that is user-accessible. That means you can’t save any attachment that isn’t a photo, you can’t download files from websites, etc. Additionally, each application can only access its own file structure so you can forget about doing anything sexy.
    -- Sure, even if those were implemented, they wouldn't be very useful, but of course, it can't hurt to have.

    10. The push-background notification service is still nowhere to be found.
    -- Just like copy and paste, yep, one of the major flaws.

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