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Hey guys, newbie here. Just got my iPhone 3GS in the mail. I had a ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Telenav app for iPhone 3GS?


    Hey guys, newbie here. Just got my iPhone 3GS in the mail. I had a service called TeleNav ( to know what I’m talking about) on my Blackberry and absolutely loved it. I just heard that they just released their service on the iPhone. I am unsure of how it is going to be because of the touch screen. Does anybody have TeleNav on their iPhone? If yes, how is it?

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    I don't know anyone who likes AT&T's version. The hype is all about TomTom and the added bonus of the carrier/charger for the car while driving. Considering they were featured at this years WWDC I can see why. It could be that people are also tired of giving AT&T money for a weak network? ($9.99 a month)... IDK?

    Watch the video on the TomTom site for a better look.



    Here is some more info from TomTom

    Hardware: TomTom will be offering a Car Kit for the iPhone, integrating a car mount, enhanced GPS receiver, built-in speaker, and power cables. The kit also includes an audio output jack, as well as a microphone to enable use of the iPhone as a Bluetooth speakerphone.
    For starters, the Car Kit includes a separate GPS receiver that performs better than the one built into the iPhone; Murray said this receiver is closer to what you’d find in a dedicated GPS unit. The TomTom app uses this receiver when your iPhone is docked in the Car Kit, allowing for improved real-time navigation, especially in cities with large buildings or in locations with lots of trees or other natural obstacles. The Car Kit also includes a built-in speaker that provides better audio quality and considerably louder output, making it easier to hear spoken directions.

    Software: Much of the functionality in the software will be similar to existing GPS devices from TomTom, offering a similar interface and TomTom's IQ Routes feature, although Murray couldn't address whether Map Share, which allows users to submit corrections to TomTom, would be available.
    Mapping and navigation will apparently work much as they do on the company's standalone units, with a similar interface, most of the same core features, and similar voice-guided navigation. The app will include TomTom's IQ Routes feature, which takes advantage of other TomTom GPS owners' driving experiences to determine the actual speeds driven on particular routes at particular times of day. Murray said the "trillions of bits of data" lets IQ Routes provide accurate information about historical drive-speed norms, generating more accurate drive times and letting the software choose the actual fastest route, which may not be the same as the shortest route.

    Beyond the traditional TomTom software features, the iPhone version will be able to take advantage of Multi-Touch gestures for interface navigation and zooming, and will also support both portrait and landscape modes.

    While the iPhone presents some challenges in the GPS navigation arena, including a relatively small screen size and lack of support for background processes while requiring the iPhone to still function as a phone, TomTom appears to have embraced these challenges and developed some innovative solutions for release later this summer.

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