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This is not confirmed yet but if your an AT&T Customer you may want to ... Apple iPhone forum

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    AT&T Begins Rolling Back Upgrade Eligibility Dates


    This is not confirmed yet but if your an AT&T Customer you may want to check and see if this is in fact the case with your own Account.

    TechCrunch Article

    A quote from the article:
    Not sure if anyone [..] has noticed this same thing, but my Upgrade Eligibility date on my AT&T account switched from 11/21 to 6/21 in the last day or so. I bought a 3GS on launch day last year, and my upgrade date read 11/21 since then. A few other folks in my office have noticed the same changes happening to their accounts as well.

    This becomes important if your a 3GS user and want to purchase the next new iPhone. It also gives us a clue when the next iPhone may hit the shelves.

    iPad Posted


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    I have tried to check my account several times today and could never quite get to the point where I can see my upgrade date. I wonder if their work is causing this issue or if too many people are trying to check their accounts as well...

    From time to time, you have to wonder...... What was I saying?

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    I could not get mine to show on-line either. I did stop by the store close by and they told me I am eligible for the upgrade and I purchased the GS on day 1.
    So I tend to believe the reports being made. I would not have been able to if that was not the case.

    When I think about it more, I can see AT&T going over board to keep people especially if another carrier was going to be getting the iPhone soon. They have a reason to offer incentives now.

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    Awesome, I can upgrade to new iPhone and then decide if I want to stay with AT&T or not. It's a nice move either way. If new iPhone is any good I can keep it, if not I can sell it on eBay for 600 bucks and switch to sprint/red/pink.

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    I'm definitely upgrading from my 3GS to the iPhone 4.

    It's the new form factor that I like. No more slippery hard to hold shape. With the flat sides, it will be much easier to hold onto. I would imagine it also gave them room for a slightly larger battery which is a plus. With some long overdue features (typical of Apple) like multitasking this upgrade will most certainly be a good one. As much as I like my Android phones, they still have a ways to go before they have the refinement that the iPhone does. I'm expecting the next six to twelve months to really make a huge difference. Unless there are unforeseen issues that pop up, it's likely that Android will be the clear leader going into 2011.

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    Watch out if you change your plan! ATT TRYING TO SCREW PEOPLE!!

    Posted by stil29 on May 19, 2010 at 11:46 AM ) Yes Paula
    I am now aware of those rules. My issues however arise because I specifically asked at least three customer service reps if changing my plan would effect anything including my upgrade date. It was very important to me to be able to upgrade to the new iPhone. I was informed that changing my plan was allowed at anytime without penalty. I spend at least $450 a month on 6 lines. My upgrade date was changed from 6/20/10 to the Nov date after assurances that this would not happen. When I called two days ago to discuss the issue, I was rudely told it was due to late payments that effects the upgrade date. My contention is that I should have been told before I changed my plan. Multiple reps were told I was going to get the new iPhone in June and that as a family we enjoyed standing in line for the phone. I made changes to my plan by decreasing my plan minutes while at the same time adding another family plan to my account. I spend the same amount of money now as
    before the change. I spoke to 2 floor suppervisors and was awaiting spreaking to another when because I was on the phone so long my iPhone went dead. I am most upset by the cavalier attitude I have experienced with business customer service about how nothing can be done. I should have been informed that changing my plan could change my upgrade date. If I had been told this I never would have changed it. Please forward this to your upline supervisor. I would like my upgrade date changed back to the 6/20/2010 date. I am so upset by this issue I am considering taking my business elsewhere as well as taking these discussions public through twitter, YouTube and my blog.

    Thank you,

    Sent from my iPhone
    Christine M. Rankin, ABD, PhD

    On May 19, 2010, at 10:44 AM, AT&T Email Business Customer Care for Wireless <> wrote:

    Dear Christine Rankin,

    Thank you for contacting AT&T. My name is Pamela Benn and I would be happy to help you.

    I understand your frustration with the upgrade eligibility date being changed.

    Upgrade eligibility is determined by over 150 different rules and combinations. These complex rules are built into our system to provide you and AT&T the best possible upgrade eligibility date. Different transactions invoke different rules and combinations impacting your eligibility. Your upgrade date is 11/20/2010.

    If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email us, or call us at 1-800-331-0500 from a landline, or 611 from your cellular phone.

    We at AT&T appreciate your business and value you as a customer.

    Pamela Benn
    eCare Customer Service Specialist
    AT&T Business Solutions Customer Care

    Original Message Follows:
    Contact and Verification Information
    First Name: CHRISTINE
    Last Name: RANKIN
    Wireless Number: 6183031626
    E-mail Address: xxxxx@YAHOO.COM
    Topic: I have another question about my plan
    Subtopic: No subtopic 2 available

    Additional Information

    Q1:Enter the wireless number associated with the account you're inquiring about

    Q2:Please enter your phone question below:
    A2:iphone 3gs upgrade date changed after rate plan change on 4/2 not notified this would happen 6 lines was 5 2100 family 1 individual changed to 3 1400 family with data family text & 3 550 family data family text This was very unfair I would not have done if I knew upgrade date change wanted new iphone. Was not told. Please fix. Not about the money. Paying more now. I have two plans still same amount of money. I want new phone
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    I don't think At&t was trying to screw with you, I think the customer rep who told you nothing would be changed needs additional training...sorry this happened. I was hoping my date would change but it didn't

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    That does sound like jusnk man. If the rep told you something then they should stick by it. regardless. you have made a formal complaint and they seem to want to do nothing. I my self would cal a rep again. discuss my situation and see if they will change the date back.

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    this interested thnx!

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