The new iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3.0 OS has brought us enough surprise, it features faster performance, a video camera, voice control, and GPS maps with compass, MMS……

Apple doesn’t make the perfect work at one time, but show us the surprise every time a little. For example, iPod Touch already possess a Bluetooth module, but Apple blocked the function before release the iPhone 3.0 OS. So, if iPhone 3GS will give us more surprise? Let’s dismantle iPhone 3GS to predict what kind of surprise iPhone will bring to us in the next version of the firmware.
1. iPhone 3GS will have more faster speed in the next version.

Focus on speed, iPhone 3GS is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.Through disassembly, we found iPhone 3GS use the Samsung S5PC100, a chip based on ARM Cortex A8 architecture design chips, run at 600 MHz. But a PDF on the official site of Samsung show that this chip can actually run at 833 MHz if needed.
“From smartphones to personal navigation device, the Samsung ARM Cortex A8 based S5PC100 Mobile Application Processor supports the requirements of a broad array of applications. The S5PC100 enables the integration of various functionalities, such as wireless communication, personal navigation, camera, portable gaming, portable music/video player, mobile TV and PDA into one device. The S5PC100 adopts a 32-bit ARM Cortex A8 RISC microprocessor and a 64/32 bit internal bus architecture and operates ups to 833MHZ ” Samsung wrote in the PDF documents.
Apple chooses this chip, and marks his own logo on it. Apple deliberately abandoned the additional 233 MHz power, making it run at a lower speed, the purpose is to optimize iPhone 3GS power consumption system. And part of the leisure 233 MHz power will be used through greater optimization in the next version to use.
2. iPhone 3GS will support HD Video in the next version

The documents also shows the S5PC100 processors features a built-in, 720p multi formats codec (MFC) video Engine which ensures smooth 30fps video encoding and playback at low power consumption, and supports three types of TV out interface (NTSC/PAL/HDMI).Products incorporation the S5PC100 will benefit from the rich video and multimedia functions which consumes very low power, enabling longer video playback time with a standard size battery.
Considering iPhone not focus on hardware solutions from the first generation, so the hardware support more hardware decoding is unlikely. Because iPhone 3GS only equipped with 300 megapixel camera, higher quality video quality also is powerless. But the group think iPhone 3GS will further enhance the video playback function, such as HD video playback function.
3. FM radio function

The dismantling display that the hardware of iPhone already support FM radio, but Apple still do not add this one function. We believe Apple will provide this function in the next firmware version.

4. More expectations
The dismantling display that the other components of iPhone 3GS including NAND Flash (Toshiba), baseband processor (Infineon), the built-in batteries (more easy to replace) and etc.
What surprise will the next-gen iPhone give us? Let’s except the amazing……

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