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Sad news 2day............ I left the BB world 2wks ago for an iPhone 3G I ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Sorry Curve


    Sad news 2day............
    I left the BB world 2wks ago for an iPhone 3G
    I still have a couple of weeks before I can return though.....
    I wish you could customize/jailbreak it like the iPhone. I will miss
    cut/paste, email attachments, BB email address for the phone, the most.


    PS I could return though, if IC the BBBold :-)

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    Well, Friday, I broke down and bought a 3G also, but I refuse to give up my curve, so I added a line to play with the iPhone. I will play with it until the Bold is available on AT&T and then I'll have a play off. I will say one thing, the browser is slightly better on the iPhone.

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    ~via BB (
    Keep us posted on your evaluation, Rcbjr

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    aaww the iphone been there done that had it...keyword had it i hated it the iphone is basically an ipod and a basic cellphone put together yopu would think it would have flash zoom cut and paste etc but hey im just saying

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    I do the same. But I already sells my curve. The browser is a lot better.
    I miss the same as any bb adict miss: multiple things at the same time, Led indicator, cut/paste, email attachements, etc.
    With the firmware 2.1 cut/paste will be covered. Also and maybe video recording. Jailbreak is good, u can customize everything on the Iphone.

    By now, the bb curve is a little bit more versatile (messaging) than the iPhone.
    If the bold comes out on Sept 12, I'm ready for the change.

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    Well... I will be here waiting for you all that are leaving the BB world. I'm sure we will see each other again soon. Take care. ~via BB (

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    Someone could make an app the works like the installer app after you jail break you iPhone. Have it link to wap sites to install OTA themes and games and etc. Then have the ability to unistall them

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    ~via BB ( dare you guys! Lol

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