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I <3 my iPhone tyvm... Apple iPhone forum

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    Ask Me!


    I <3 my iPhone tyvm

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    You guys are great thinking minds. I love being a part of this community of technology lover. But I can think of a list of things RIM should be on the drawing board for right now. If you wanna meet me at the monkey bars it has to be before 345 I need my after school snack!!!lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by desjones571 View Post
    Your still getting off the point and telling your credentials doesn't have anything to do with that said or comprenhension. With all things blackberry as you clearly mention is on this site we are spending time with matters that don't have anything to do with a blackberry. A lot of people cross reference using bb sites apple sites use these sites for information. That's great I respect everyones oppinion and have been a part of many discussions. But these don't make BBs better and I think you would agree to that. Children argue about which and what is better its a matter of opinion. Can we debate subject matter BB instead of this garbage? People that use Macs use BBs.People that use PCs use Apple products. More important issues than this.
    Yes, children argue what is better, adults understand opinion. I never meant to start anything, but if you have spent time discussing issues that you do not think matter. There are tons of threads dedicated to Blackberry only. I just wanted to give my opinion on the iPhone. The first several posters took this in stride. I was expecting some smart comments about my trying a new device, and that was about all. I hope all you guys and ladies enjoy whatever device you consider the best (your opinion), and have a wonderful evening.

    StaceyRVC- my wife loves her iphone too!

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