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Here's a brief review of three new releases meant to compete with Apple's device: Apple iPhone forum

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    Samsung's Latest iPhone Clones


    Here's a brief review of three new releases meant to compete with Apple's device:

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    The Eternity can stream live video to another phone...reminds me of Bond...James Bond...unfortunately I can see that feature being used in a plethora of ghastly fashions...god forbid you tell your girl you're NOT at the club and then she gets streaming video from her friend of you grinding with someone.
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    iPhone clones in form factor only. These phones remind me of what the Dare is for Verizon.

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    Yup I have sold a few of them. The samsung is very nice I mean for a phone that is not considered a PDA and only requires the regular data package this phone is nice. The web browsing is full html but the panning and scrolling is a bit wierd. Although it has a nice display and works well for texting, it allows you to text in horizontal mode rather than vertical mode like the iPhone.

    The samsungs downfall is the email it has mobile email which is a java application and it works well but its not like having email on a pda like a windows mobile device or iphone. It definetly is nothing like a blackberry when it comes to email. i am actually going back to blackberry very soon. I should have never cancelled sprint and switched to att for the iphone. But what is done is done. Problem is the bold is 550 for no contract price. SO i need to sell this iphone asap!

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