RSSPush is designed to provide almost real-time access to the information YOU want to see from various RSS feeds.

Are you tired of filtering through hundreds and thousands of articles each day to find the articles you are interested in reading? With RSSPush, you no longer have to filter these articles manually.

You define keywords directly in the application, then, you apply these keywords to feeds in the different feed categories. Once you are done configuring your keywords, you close the application and you wait.

Now here is where the magic happens. Our servers download all the feeds at a timed interval and scan for the keywords you requested. If these keywords are found, a PUSH notification is sent to your device. This Push message will offer to load the application so you can read the new articles that were found for you.

Within a few minutes of an article hitting the Internet, you are notified. No need to stay in your existing RSS application all day hitting ‘refresh’ to download the new articles.

A list of top 100 keywords is also available in the application to help you pick the most popular keywords.

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