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I have just received a Seidio OBEX case for the iPhone and thought I'd do ... Apple iPhone forum

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    REVIEW: Seidio OBEX case for iPhone 5


    I have just received a Seidio OBEX case for the iPhone and thought I'd do a review for anyone interested in getting the case. I also own a Lifeproof case so much of this review will be comparing the two, as they are both in the same, category, waterproof/shockproof cases.

    The Pro's:

    1. The overall looks and feel of the case are very good. It fits well in the hand and is very comfortable to use. There are little rises on the back of the case (top and bottom) that makes the case very comfortable to hold and use. Kinda feels like little grippers on the back. The edges are rounded, verses the squared off edges of the Lifeproof, making it more eye appealing and better feeling in the hand.

    2. The screen protector. It's a piece of plastic that protects your screen and is very hard to tell if it's there or not...what more could you want from a screen protector. The Lifeproof case's screen protector seems to always have a little gap between the case and phone and you can always detect that it is there. It's usable but at times very annoying. The Lifeproof case can also develop a "rainbow effect". The Seidio screen protector uses a design of little dots that act as a barrier between the phone and the case that prevents the screen protector from being wavy or getting that ugly "rainbow effect".

    3. The clip. The clip is very nice and has a locking mechanism that prevents accidental phone drops. It has a nice secure belt clip that won't easily come off your belt. It has a rotating clip offering 7 different angles (not sure why anyone would want more than 2 but they are there anyway). Just for looks it has a slick looking carbon fiber sticker on the inside of the clip. The phone can be charged and headphones attached while in the clip. Very nice clip holster and can be added as a combo for 10 bucks extra...verses the Lifeproof which sells the holster for an additional 40 bucks.

    4. Use...everything from the camera,voice calls,texting,bluetooth,actually everything that I tried worked flawlessly as though I was using the phone naked.... Ok stop picturing me naked,you know what I mean.

    5. The home button. The case adds a little home button that is very easy to use...and I just like it. The lifeproof has a concave dip to simulate the home button of the iPhone. Both work fine I just prefer the Seidio one.

    The Cons:

    1. Upon unboxing the case I quickly grabbed the instruction manual and read through it. When I read the "What's in the box" I saw that there was an extra set of mute switch and power/headphone covers included in the box. I didn't get them. I can see where an extra set might be needed because they are not attached to the case and could be easily lost. I'm sure this is not a normal thing leaving them out,just thought it was worth mentioning.

    2. The gasket covering the mute switch. The mute switch is almost unusable with this type set up. To use it,you must peal out the gasket and flip the switch. I have rather large hands and can hardly reach the switch with a finger. I can if I keep trying but sometimes find myself using a pen or something else to flip the switch. Once you flip the switch you then have to make sure you securely replace the gasket covering it. The Lifeproof has a rocker switch built in and doesn't require any removing of gaskets to use and is easy to use on the fly.

    3. The gasket covering the charge/headphone ports. Takes a bit of doing to remove and replace the gaskets when you are charging or listening to headphones. It's not a big deal but worth mentioning. The Lifeproof just has a swinging clip that secures the port and is much easier to use.

    4. Headphone port. Your phone is not waterproof while you use your headphones. Not a big deal to me but might be for some folks. The Lifeproof comes with a screw in adapter that can be used while the case remains waterproof.

    5. The screen protector has little dots on it (the underside,can't feel them). They are not noticeable while looking at the screen straight on but can be seen at an angle. Doesn't bother me but might bother some.


    Seidio OBEX $79.95 $89.95 for case/holster combo
    Lifeproof $79.99 $29.99 for holster

    Wrap up:

    So if you've been keeping score the Lifeproof case wins on port openings and keeping the phone waterproof while using headphones...that's about it. Seidio wins on all other accounts. I really recommend this case for an everyday case. Very eye appealing and feels nice in the hands. An overall winner!
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    Nice review Cats. Good advise as well, for those interested.
    In the Pro´s I got a little worried on point No. 4... the iNurse could be reading this.

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    Nice job, Cats!

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    Good job T. Use your wife's phone and take a couple of pics.
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