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I got the cellhelmet case a week ago so it's time for a review! When ... Apple iPhone forum

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    REVIEW: cellhelmet case for iPhone 5


    I got the cellhelmet case a week ago so it's time for a review!

    When you first pop this case out of the box you might think it's just another nice gel case. Well,you'd kinda be right. It is a nice gel type case with protection all around including a little lip over the screen edges to protect the front glass. The material is a bit more ridged than other gel cases I've used giving it an extra boost on protection. Protection is the key word here and for very good reason. This is where it differs from other nice gel cases. This case comes complete with a 1 year damage coverage (water damage excluded) on your phone! If your phone is damaged while inside the case it will be repaired or replaced. It covers unlimited repairs and one replacement if necessary. There is a $50 handling fee per incident. Case or no case this is some pretty good insurance for a pretty good price.

    The company boasts a 24/7 damage reporting and super quick turn around on repair/replacements. Fortunately I haven't had to test that part out. In the box you'll receive a registration card which must be registered within 30 days of purchase. There's some legal mumbo jumbo fine print on it so be sure to read it completely.

    The case sells for $49.99. So getting your phone repaired or replace for $99.99 ($49.99 case+$50.00 handling fee) is a pretty darn good deal any way you look at it.

    The pro's:

    1. Damage coverage for your phone!
    2. Solid feeling case. I've used gel cases in the past that feel flimsy and loose on the phone. This one is very tight and feels nice.
    3. Comes in a variety of colors to satisfy any taste...don't know why anyone would choose the puke orange one though
    4. They also offer cases for the 4/4s,iPod Touch4 and iPod Touch5. Sorry,no Sammy's allowed.

    The con's:

    1. The sleep button on mine is very hard to press. It's usable but not easy.
    2. Not really a con but not sure if I would use the damage coverage if I had already purchased apple care or some other insurance but is a great option for those that haven't.
    3. They offer it in puke orange.

    Over all this is a very nice case with some great extra's. It might be a little on the steep end if you don't plan on using their coverage. Other similar cases can be had in the $30 range. So if your interested head on over to and grab one.

    Cool note....These guys will be on one of my favorite shows tonight ,Shark Tank on ABC, pitching their cases to the sharks. Should be fun to watch!
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    Thanks man! Nice review!
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    Good one cats!
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    Nice one Cats. RogerG will want the pink one. He's hip!
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