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What is PushMail? PushMail ( iTunes link ) is an application that pushes notifications to ... Apple iPhone forum

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    PushMail for the iPhone


    What is PushMail?

    PushMail (iTunes link) is an application that pushes notifications to iPhones/iPod Touches running OS 3.0 when you receive emails. The application lets you register a username for the domain. Upon successful registration, all email sent to will trigger the push of a notification to your device with the sender, the subject and a snippet of the body of the email.

    You do not need to give away your email account password to get this to work. And, by setting up simple rules, you can choose which emails you want to receive a notification for. And you can do that from as many accounts as you want. And it will work "forever": PushMail is a one off payment, no recurring fees.

    Web Site Link

    iTunes Link


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    KOOL!! I would definitely try this out if it doesn't eat up your battery like the stock 'push notifications' do.

    I had a couple email accounts set to 'pushed' when I first got my iPhone, but after noticing that the battery wasn't lasting nearly as long as the advertisement suggested, I opted to switch to 'manually' updating my email accounts, since then, I have noticed an tremendous increase in battery life. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I did, and doing this definitely helped....just a little FYI.

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    EVERYONE, especially gmail users, need to download this app immediately. It works extremely well, notification is instant. Once you have this, you can set "fetching" to manual and you will see a huge increase in battery life.

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