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    My iPhone Review....

    Advertisement far.

    I have to admit, initially I was "swooning" over the iPhone. The YouTube feature was the first thing I loved. Man, streaming video was awesome...however, there is no searching for a specific video...for example, my mom has created some videos of my kids, and I wanted to find them and mark them as "favorites" on the youtube icon---can't do it. I am sure I could have sorted through millions of videos...but I didn't want to do that.

    The email is sorta like push email. The phone will "refresh" the inboxes of the emails every 10 or 15 min and bring out all the new emails. Cool, but sometimes when I want something now, I dont want to wait or have to do it myself.

    The internet is awesome. It is Wifi enabled, and even on the EDGE I haven't noticed it being's as "slow" as the BB's but this is real internet, not watered down at all. I tested it out by posting at some MSN groups that I am in, and it worked! I was rather thrilled with that.

    There are quite a few "hacks" set up for the phone, alot actually. However, to install the hacks (for skins-themes- games, applications, all sorts of stuff) you have to down load several programs and it's rather time consuming and difficult. We had an IT friend of ours try to do it yesterday and he almost briked the phone.

    iTunes is awesome, but the media player on the BB Curve is just as nice if not better. I think that the Curve has better quality sound. Video is equal.

    The calendar is nice, so is the note pad---the pages actually "rip off" when you create a new page!

    There are alot of tiny cutesie stuff...if you are looking for a phone for the internet, media player, calendar and phone quality...the iPhone is awesome. However, if you are looking for something geared toward business with all available applications with ease of application....then get a Curve.

    The iPhone is a great phone! Its tons of fun and it really is the TRUE internet...other than the internet and the You Tube "goofing around" I prefer my Curve. However, Hubby LOVES his iPhone. To each their own, and I am sure he's greatful I love my Curve...besides, I get a new couch now since he got the iPhone! LOL!
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    Re: My iPhone Review....

    BB 4Life!!!

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