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Ok I was trying to jb my iPhone 4s it did not work I tried ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Lost pics from iPhone camera roll...


    Ok I was trying to jb my iPhone 4s it did not work I tried on 2
    comp! the process gave me a error msg! I unhooked iPhone from comp and when I chk my pic/camera roll all my
    Pics was gone! I did a backup prior to trying the jb!! The phone works fine just tht all my pics got deleted! Now my question how the
    dueces do I get my pics back? I kno I can restore the phone from a backup...but I have over 400 apps on my iPhone and I have them in
    Neat little folders! I know if I restore it's gonna scatter everything and I will end up with 0ver 16 pages of apps...and iPhone currently supp 11 pages! I currently have 5 pages because I place like apps together ex: all twitter apps 1 folder and so forth! Now without driving
    Myself mad is there anyway I can get the photos on iPhone????? Plz and thank u!
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    Do you have "sync photos" checked in iTunes. If you do you should have a folder selected and it should sync them in that folder.

    I can't be 100% because I use a Mac. Maybe someone with a Windows machine can tell you 100%

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    I use a MAC too and that is what i had to do -- I had all my photos synced.
    :) iNurse :)

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    omyyyy, I hate jb but I must do. so struggling...)
    butterfly, sorry to hear that. cozy it kinda happened a lot in my sis. she s a big fan of apple. -,-you know what I mean.
    however, she lost all data because of iOS upgrade system?! not sure what it is but this thing make her suffer a lot. all photos, contacts are gone. first time, she went to iPhone store to fix it,but...i dunno other shop will be like it or not, but yeah. next, she tried to search Phone Recovery software in internet.
    give you one of them, you can try.
    the steps are so simple, sync and scan your iPhone directly, all your files will show up in few seconds.
    good luck.

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