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Why oh why do some people have to throw cold water on people who like ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Why oh why do some people have to throw cold water on people who like other devices? I have owned iphones, blackberries, windows mobile and palm devices plus several dumb phones. They all had their charms and they all had issues too. No device is perfect. I loved the iphone when I had it. I love my Storm now. Yeah, both have issues. In other words, enjoy what you have and keep the device that makes YOU happy and let the "I must destroy my political enemies who have other devices" bullsh*t go....

    Time to climb down off the soap box..... iphone sux, blackberries rule! J/K
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    I hope you have fun with your Iphone and it treats you better than the Storm

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    I also made the jump from the Curve 8310 to the iPhone a few months ago. The Curve was good and it did what I needed it to do. But I'd never look back and say it was a mistake to switch. This BB vs Apple war will go on forever but I can't help but notice everyone now a days is just flat out coping the iphone. This iphone killer called the Storm was a total fail. The Bold on the other hand is a great phone.

    I also love reading about the application wars when in fact both 90% of both BB & Iphone apps are totally useless.

    The one thing I wish apple would do is start releasing themes and skins for the iphone to make your phone a bit more personal. Other than that, they're both good products...aside from the Storm. That phone was simply rushed and wasn't ready for the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catstide View Post
    Lol...I think that might be more of a pull solution.
    ~via smartphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by catstide View Post
    i'm not a marriage counselor but i have played one on tv. if you had to " deal" with a blackberry for years...maybe the problem is you and not your spouse.

    just joking...hope you enjoy your new marriage.
    LOL! I have heard both good and bad on the Storm. It's a cool looking device, I'll give it that.
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    I just made the jump from a BB Storm to the iPhone as well. All in all, I'm glad I did it - the plusses far outweigh the minuses, but here are a few things that I miss.

    No speed-dial - takes all the functionality out of my Blueant Z1.
    No customizable ringtones/text/email tones - found a way around the ringtones, but not the other two.
    No push email except Exchange and Yahoo.
    Separate mailboxes for each account - I really liked having all of my email/SMS/phone log all in one place rather than having to back out for each account individually.

    Mostly minor inconveniences, but obersvations nonethless. It's hard for any one device to be 'perfect' since it is different on an individual basis and pretty subjective at that.


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    To Fred ^^ I think in v3.0 you can customizable ringtones/text/email tones. I was thinking that was one of the new features listed. I may be wrong I will have to go look around for the information again.
    Push is also suppose to be solved. I agree w/you about the seperate mailboxes, it's an adjustment and I'm still torn on which i prefer. I kind of like knowing what account the email is from without looking deeper at the email. Congrats on the new iPhone you will love it. The GUI is great. Definitely not boring and very easy to use.
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