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So yeah, I dropped the 8900 for the new iPhone and it's by far the ... Apple iPhone forum

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    iPhone for me & more...


    So yeah, I dropped the 8900 for the new iPhone and it's by far the best phone I have ever had... it's amazing to say the least. I sold my 8900 in a heartbeat and didn't even flinch.

    Anyhow, what is this news about another carrier (i.e. Tmo, Verizon) also getting the iPhone soon? And how will this potentially affect current iPhone users with ATT?

    Also, people complain about ATT's 3G... what's wrong with it? It's pretty fast to me... but then again, maybe I just don't know better?

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    There has just been some passing rumors that the iphone exclusivity to AT&T might be ending soon, but there's not been any set dates or anything.

    Also, it won't change anything w/ current iphone users... and I'm not sure why you'd think it would? Was there something specific you were worried about?

    3G is dependent on your area, so the complaints are more about reliability and coverage in some areas. I personally think the coverage in my area has been great, and has been growing a lot recently like they promised. If you're happy with it, then you probably aren't in a problem area.

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    Yeah, I turned over my BB 8100 for a 3GS, and I LOVE IT!!

    I too have NO issues with the 3G network, the coverage has been great for me, no issues what so ever!!!

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    Here u go. More info on TMO getting the iPhone.

    AT$T's contract is up in 2010 so many believe they will venture out to Verizon or TMO to reach millions of more customers. It only makes sense.


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