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OK - I just switched from a blackberry to an Iphone 3GS. On my blackberry ... Apple iPhone forum

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    OK - I just switched from a blackberry to an Iphone 3GS. On my blackberry using BIS I could forward all my work email to my BIS email address and it worked great. now I am forwarding my email to a yahoo account to get push on the iphone. In BIS I could set my send from address to my work email to make it appear that everything was being sent from work. can I do that with the iphone?

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    Is your work e-mail POP3 or IMAP account? If so the answer is yes as far as I understand it. I am picking up my phone later today. I am trying to figure out how to connect to lotus notes the best way. That is not as straight forward as if it were the POP3 or IMAP.

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    Tap on the CC/Bcc and then Tap on the From:
    It will allow you to choose the account to reply from. I think that is another way to choose?

    There is another way to do what you want:

    What you need
    A MobileMe Account
    Your Corporate Account
    A GMail Account (probably easiest to set a new one up just for this)

    What you do
    1) In your GMail account, add an additional "send mail as" address which is your corporate e-mail address (under settings / accounts). Confirm that you own this address by clicking on the link that will be sent and then go back into settings and make this account the default. Set the "Always reply from default address" radio button

    2) On the iPhone, go into Mail settings, then Account Info for your MobileMe account

    3) Go into SMTP

    4) Go to Add Server and enter the following details:
    Host Name:
    User Name: Your Gmail account setup earlier
    Password: Password for the Gmail account

    Once you've added this, go into the primary server ( and turn it OFF. Go into the GMail server you've just added and turn it ON

    That should be all you need to do. Now, when you send an email from your mobileme account it will actually go through GMail's SMTP Server (and will appear in the sent items on that account as well as your MobileMe account) where it will be altered to have the From address that you specified when setting up your GMail account.

    how does it work?
    GMail has a very useful feature that allows you to send as an alternative e-mail address (as long as you can confirm you can collect mail to that address). You can also set it up to always send mail as if it's from that address whenever you use the account. What these changes do is set Gmail up so it does that and then use the Gmail SMTP server for sending mail instead of the MobileMe one.
    When GMail sees the incoming mail your login associates it with your account, and the settings to always send as the alternative address kick in with the result that the mail is sent to the recipient with a sender of your corporate e-mail address.
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