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I recently did a reset on my springboard, then the usual "edit homescreen" popped up, ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Question iPhone "edit homescreen" pop up won't dismiss?


    I recently did a reset on my springboard, then the usual "edit homescreen" popped up, and I couldn't press the dismiss button, the screen seems to be unresponsive when I press the spot where the said button is located(I've tried restoring, and nothing works, even the slide over thing). All the other portions of the screen work, such as the slide to unlock, the lockscreen music player, and slide to turn off.

    I couldn't get through this pop up. The phone is in default restore and all. It can receive calls because I have tried. Its an iPhone 2g, one of the first ones ever sold, I think.

    I saw a similar board and it says something about a digitizer, can someone explain? Thanks.

    Any solutions? Thanks again!

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    the digitizer is the the touch input part of the phone and it is not uncommon for them to fail in random spots and not necessarily the whole thing going bad.

    If yours is bad then its a 100 dollar fix if you do the work yourself.
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