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Originally Posted by evo1725 I had the same problem with the iPhone cuz I had ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo1725 View Post
    I had the same problem with the iPhone cuz I had the bb data plan and they told me it won't work you need a smartphone unlimited data plan not a bb. After that it should work and if it doesn't try the setting above.
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    They lied to you! You can use an iPhone on a BB plan flawlessly with the exception of visual voicemail. You cant however use a BB on an iPhone data plan, well you can but all you will be able to use is MediaNet.

    If your not getting any carrier signal its because redsn0w is glitchy like that when you do the jailbreak. You MUST let the phone activate with an AT&T sim before proceeding to jailbreak otherwise you will be left with this issue. You shouldnt have to update any APN's.
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    AT&T told me they need to add the iPhone APN to my BB BES Unlimited data account and then I can swap my SIM anytime I want between the 2. I've tried to take the SIM out of my bold and I can't access DATA on my iPhone 3GS. I've heard of many people that's had AT&T do the same thing in order for it to work, mine should be activated sometime this week.
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    yeah that link i posted up helped me fix most of those data problems that came with sim swapping to the iphone. It is because i heard that with the new 3.0 update AT&T pushed an apn setting on to try and make those who are using it without an iphone data plan come in and add one on

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    also make sure your plug the device into iTunes to activate the phone through APPLE. this might of been an issue as well.
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