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Wow, well put Mobile99, I have to admit I'm mildy curious to see what the ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Wow, well put Mobile99, I have to admit I'm mildy curious to see what the 9700 is really like as I'm always keen to play with a new toy. But I don't have anywhere near the desire to actually own one anymore.I do agree with the widely voiced criticism of Apple as well. The 3Gs is amazing as it is, but it could be EVEN MORE if Apple wouldn't cripple things like Bluetooth, and support USB syncing for stuff like Docs To Go. The device is simply amazing and from friends who've jailbroken their devices they tell me it's even better after that!Also I noticed the "Lack of BT File Transfer" earlier- I have two programs that go over BT, Bump and ShareIt! both are of course limited by the range of the BT radio, basically if you and the transferee are over a certain distance you're not gonna make it.My Bold could BT stuff to any other phone all the way across my office (big office) but I was playing a BT game with a colleague, he had to go further away and we lost the connection once he hit about 6 feet from me.But having said that, the browser still races past the Bold like it's standing still, and I've found a goldmine of free and really cheap apps in the Appstore that either don't exhist for BB, don't work outside North America or Europe (I'm in Australia- and still no Appworld here!) and are generally half the price or less.So yeah, I'm hoping RIM will lift their game a bit more, because let's face it, iPhone is making inroads to enterprise as well and it won't be too long before they have as solid a security package as the BlackBerry does.Any way you look at it, there's plenty of competition in the smartphone arena now, so everyone should be able to find the device that's right for them. Mine happens to be my 3Gs (which ironically I said I'd NEVER EVER in a MILLION YEARS ever own) lol!
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    I gotta say that I've used bb forever. At the time I felt like no other phone could touch it. Then I had a iphone for a short period of time. Loved it! There is a app for everything and its cheap unlike the price tags on bb apps. My iphone got stolen and my work gave a good discount for sprint and I now have the tour. To tell the truth, I've had the worst experience with this phone. I don't even know why I have it. Now I'm in the market for a new iphone with at least 16 gigs.. But the only down fall is cingular really isn't that good in my area. If only verizon and apple could have came to a agreement and the best carrier gets the best phone in my eyes.. Oh and with the droids, still not impressed....
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    In Addendum to my last post

    Please explain yourself a little bit better about "Ping" and push as you stated above, does it ping apple to apple only? or does it ping apple to BB as well?: Also more imortantly, than all of this, From our Family to yours, Hayden are you Listening? Steve and all the other wonderful other contributors, moderators, bouncers ect, All these things are possible to learn, not because of the manufacturers, but because of a wonderful site called PinStack. On behalf of myself and my family, we wish all of you a Happy, Health and Joyous Thanksgiving Holiday- to the members and viewers as well!

    Now with that being said, I want to explain, I had a "Big" problematic Bold 9000, I also had a New Touch, I like music, but I didnt go to the mens Bathroom with my "Touch blasting" away like so many others do. I also didnt eat, sleep, work, drive and whatever wiith my Ipod Touch. I recently made a trip abroad, to Israel, and every TSA source hassled me about why I had 2 devices with me, a Bold 9000 and a Internet Capable 32gb Touch. My son raved about the new 3G/S when it came out, Hhey dad just think instead of 2 devices youll only need one, "The New I-Phone can do "Everything", I listened and did a stupid thing, I bought (2) instead of one, yes you got it, I got shanghaied, one for him and one for me-

    If you are a devoted Gamer, or I-Pod Jammer, like Corey is, then the 3G/S is just what Santa ordered for you- Lets face it, Im 60, and when you get older, things just dont work like they did when I was 35 or 40- The I-Phone, is for one segment of the market place, if your using it for business as I do, The Blackberry Mail, Instant Messenger, Pin Messaging, the infinately variable things you can do with ring tones on the Bold, cannot be done with the New I-Phone. If you manage a Household, and you have kids, you couldnt ask for anything better than the I-Phone. Plus your kids cant say- "Look, Mom and Da arent nerds they have I-Phones"

    AT&T is very difficult to get "Quality Technical Help From" I had a Bold 9000 that AT&T claimed no one had the difficulties I had, and isnt it funny, Now when you call about the 9700, they openly claim the 9700 fixed all of the serious and MANY NUMEROUS problems the bold9000 had and they were aware of. When My Cellular end of the 9000 starting dropping Clients and I lost a major account because they tried calling me 10 times and the call dropped each time, it was time to move.

    The I-Phone is not a "Business Phone" it is a Party Phone, a Fun Phone, it makes knowledge available and a very powerful tool to have, it is also Dependable- on the flip side of the coin, the Bold is a Business Phone, and not meant for Gamers and Such- Their 2 different beasts altogether.

    A good example of the difference- if you need "Technical Help" and AT&T cant help you, they will put you through to RIM at no charge, I had many such experiences, and each was excellent- on the other hand if you need help from Apple, you have to be kidding me, its like getting food poisoning, it lingers after their done with you and if your lucky and you still have use of the device after theri done its nothing short of a miracle-

    Getting an UNLOCK from Rim is a piece of Cake, Getting an Unlock from Apple, well, you may have to offer your heart to Steve Jobs to get it done. Apple is the Most restrictive, difficult company to deal with. If they cant control something first you cant have it. They also done give a damned about the customers. They have a insatiable appetite for money.

    So how do you get help, meaningful help thats not full of "Bull Manure" as Emeril says, " Oh Yea Babe" its right here on PinStack.

    I truly wish the I-Phone could handle email in the same manner as the BB-Bold. The Ring Tones are Seriously limited to what you can do or change in comparison to the Bold BB, which offers changable almost everything-

    Lastly, There are those of us, who have a justification to have a Supported and Unlocked Phone, I have never once had a problem Unlocking a Blackberry Device, actually in one circumstance after having a problem RIM, not AT&T sent me a New Unlocked Bold OVernight and without a "Peep". Apple should allow their customers to have a Supported Unlocked phone, instead of threatening them them with, "If you changed the Op system, we wont support you" crap.
    Happy Holidays to all
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