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Well, I have a pearl rite now, got all the goodies too. I think I ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Well, I have a pearl rite now, got all the goodies too. I think I might go and switch over to the iphone. Even though 500 is kinda pricy just for a phone.. The BB would be a good phone for me if I didn't work offshore, I don't really ever check my email, and I don't really use the internet on my BB that much because I don't get a strong enough signal. I'm not sure what I should do? Any ideas?

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    Re: iphone

    I think you answered your own question. You listed your reasons for switching and I don't think anything we say should matter. You should use a device that makes *you* happy. I can't fault you for that...

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    Re: iphone

    You might want to look over the threads above you first, especially the 10 reasons NOT to get an Iphone...
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    Re: iphone

    GREAT recommendation Lava... do your research b4 u leap my friend... $500 is a hefty price to pay if u don't know what you're getting...

    Appears to be a nice toy... but, not nearly as "functional" as even a Pearl - - -

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    Re: iphone

    nimocone said it best, it is up to you and your situation. Since you do not use it for email or web then I would ditch the BB service and then get yourself an MP3 player. Much less money and less dependant on having it all in 1 as the iphone is. It is alittle more to keep up with but you can get them for between $100-300 for a good one and save yourself a few bucks. Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: iphone

    who is your provider? Where are you working offshore? are you on a platform or boat? Cingular has/had a number I could call when going offshore that would allow my phone to conect to the best tower, could be the closest or best signal. This improved my conectivity a great deal. I got the number from a Shell hand in the Gulf offshore of Alabama. If I still had it, I would post it for you.

    If conectivity (signal) is the reason to ditch the BB in favor of an iphone, your not going to improve your position by buying an iphone (same ocean different boat). If you want music and video, get an ipod, it's a lot cheaper.

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    Re: iphone

    I'd look wait for the Curve on T-Mobile. It's rumored to work with the Hotspots@home. I have a friend who works on oil platforms. He says most of them have wifi. That would solve your signal problem and you'd have unlimited data and minutes.

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