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i have some books from the app store is there any way i can put ... Apple iPhone forum

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    i have some books from the app store is there any way i can put them into ibooks instead of having them like apps on my springboard? any help will be appreciated it thanks stackers!!

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    Not sure how to do it from a app but in the basic form you'll need to convert it ePub format. Google search it, there are a couple of good software programs for this and also some web based programs. Right now I doubt that your book is in ePub so I'm not quite sure if it can be done since you'll need to convert a app. Possible but I would imagine that it would take some work and it might be worth the money to just buy the book from iBooks.

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    Open iTunes, go to Preferences, click Show Books.

    Drag the epub books into the book section.

    Here is a link for a free download to convert into ePub if they are not already.

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