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Looking to get a iphone, but I would like to know how do you unlock ... Apple iPhone forum

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    how to unlock iphone


    Looking to get a iphone, but I would like to know how do you unlock the iphone so you can use it on other carriers!

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    for a 3G & 3GS it depends on what OS the phone has.
    preferable want one that is on 3.0.1 or lower, if it has 3.1 and hasnt been properly jailbroken then your pretty much SOL.

    if you find one with 3.0.1 or lower visit my site: and look under the 3G section.

    If you get a first gen iphone aka the 2G it doesnt matter what OS its running it can be unlock through jailbreaking.
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    Wouldnt recommend it if your not sure how to do it. In my opinion the phone will run a wee bit slower.
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    Also you can google blackra1n. there is a tool which will allow you to unlock your iphone. even for the updated OS.

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    And yet another unlock spammer.

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