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Hello everybody. I tried to upgrade my 2G Iphone to 3.0. Everything went fine until ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Help upgrading to 3.0


    Hello everybody. I tried to upgrade my 2G Iphone to 3.0. Everything went fine until the system tried to connect to Itunes Store.

    I keep getting an error mesage saying that Itunes Store could not be contacted, that traffic may be saturating the service, to check my internet connection and try again later.

    It's been like that for 2 hours now and the phone has no service.

    Anyone has had a similar problem?

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    Have you tried to shut down iTunes and restart it? It should not take 2 hours and I'm on iTunes now so I know it's up/running.

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    probably had quite a few people still trying to activate there new iphones and all the os upgrades that where taking place, it was only 2 days after the launch when this was posted. I think they said they sold 1 million 3gs the first day, plus all the iphone 3g, 2g, and ipod touchs out there trying to access at the same time.

    definately just need a restart.
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