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Can anyone explain this, I have recently moved from a Blackberry Bold to a Apple ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Email and Text Messaging on IPhone32S/3G


    Can anyone explain this, I have recently moved from a Blackberry Bold to a Apple IPhone 32S/3G, and the Sending or receiving of email and text messages appears to be much slower than the Bold was.

    (A): The Apple Retail Store set my phone up on their computer, through AT&T. Is it possible the phone or data is not fully provisoned yet?

    (B): They mentioned it could take up to 24 to 48 hours to activate the phone, when in truth, it happened almost instantly, the bold was kaput instantly and the IPhone worked right away.

    Right now I am goting through the Pop-server of Road Runner, if I go to Mobile Me, will it be much faster, Isnt Mobile Me similar to the concept or the Blackberry Mail Concept?

    Thank you-

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    Did you plug the iPhone into your own iTunes and register it yet? If not try to do that.
    Yes, servers are not servers and differ is many ways in which they handle things.
    MobileMe of course is set to work very well with the iPhone.

    I'm not familiar with Road Runner and their POP3 mail. You may try using IMAP and see if that makes any difference.

    Yahoo is another email provider that works very well with the iPhone. You would forward your Road Runner email to MobileMe and see if that helps.

    Text messages are different, guess I'm not sure what you mean by slow? Remember the OS moves different than the BB OS. When you tap send on the iPhone you get to see the progress bar on the BB you select send it does not show that and simple is done but that does not mean behind the visual screen it's not doing the same thing which is sending that text. So they just look different even tho it's still just a text message.

    I do recall my Bold would receive a Text message faster than my iPhone did. Only a second or two but still it was received faster. On the other hand at times the Bold would not ring and the iPhone would setting next to each other.

    What does that mean? Hahaha I don't know? They are just different in how they do things.

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