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can anyone explain to me why there is app duplicates of the itunes? i moved ... Apple iPhone forum

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    duplicate itunes app


    can anyone explain to me why there is app duplicates of the itunes?

    i moved my itunes library over to another new computer and resynced. i am missing a lot of my apps. what is the best way to transfer the apps on my itunes over to my iphone?
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    There are several different methods but I guess it depends on what type of computer you are using?
    Mac or PC?

    You can simply copy the old iTunes folder (right click copy) and paste it onto an external drive. Plug the external drive into the new computer and copy the iTunes folder off the external and paste it onto the new computer in the same location. Open iTunes and select preferences/Advanced and make sure the path is correct. You can then select File/Add to Library and add all the content from the folder you just copied over.
    You could also do the same just for the Mobile Apps folder. iTunes/Mobile Applications is where they are stored.

    You can also just open iTunes on the new computer and go to the App Store and download any of the Apps you have again. If some are paid Apps it's ok to download again for free. You won't be charged again for them.

    I'm sure there are other ways also.

    Edit* I always forget this one? Make sure you have Authorized the new computer in iTunes. I always forget that one. It needs to be Authorized in order to work with your purchased content.

    Here is a good help link also

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