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are there a limit of how many custom ringtones you can add on the iphone ... Apple iPhone forum

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    custom ringtones limit?


    are there a limit of how many custom ringtones you can add on the iphone 3gs? i was following the steps on cnet, brian tong's how to add custom ringtones:

    i was only able to add one custom ringtones, but does not show the other 5 ringtones i've made. in itunes 8.2, ringtones tab > sync ringtones is checked and all the other custom ringtones are listed.
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    No limit that I am aware of. I make all the ringtones for my wife's iphone. However, I have not tried since the new OS was released yesterday. Make sure the songs that you are using don't have DRM on them, and don't use songs that you purchased through iTunes. You must follow the directions exactly, or the ringtone will not be recognized. Remember to copy the 15 sec ringtone to your desktop and then delete it in iTunes, rename it to .m4r and then move it from the desktop to the library. I hope this helps.

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    I placed 5 on mine and I'm not aware of any limits. There must be something wrong with the other 4 tones? I'd go with RayZ's idea too.

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