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I had a bunch of ring tones (MP-3's) for my Blackberry Bold. Is there a ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Converting MP3's to Ringtones for IPhone 3G/32S


    I had a bunch of ring tones (MP-3's) for my Blackberry Bold. Is there a good app that lets you convert the ringtones or a segment of a song into a ringtone that will work on the new 3G/32S IPhone?

    Apple has such a tight monopoly on everything its impossible to deal with-

    I have some really nice CD Music, and I would like to customise a few ring tones, anyone have any PinStack Genius ideas?

    Thank You

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    Not sure if there is an app, but with this site you can upload a MP3 and make it a ringtone for the iPhone.

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    iTunes will allow you to create Ring Tones since your already using it to manage other portions of the phone. Have you tried that yet?
    Here is another easy way without having to install additional software.



    1. Select song
    2. Press Command-I, or Control-click on song>select Get Info
    3. Indicate the Start and Stop times (40 seconds only) on the Get Info window
    4. Click OK
    5. Control click song again and select "convert selection to AAC"
    6. Go to main Music Library
    7. Search song by typing name of song
    8. The full song and the 40 second segment of the song will show up
    9. Drag the 40 sec song to the desktop
    10. Change the file extension to .m4r (from .m4a)
    11. Delete the 40 second song that's in iTunes
    12. Drag the ringtone file that's on the desktop to the Ringtone folder
    13. Delete the ringtone file that's on the desktop
    14. Check the Ringtone folder to see if the ringtone you just created is there
    15. Sync your iPhone with your computer
    16. The new ringtone will transfer to your iPhone.

    *Go back to the original and complete song and put the correct full time segment on it or uncheck the boxes. Otherwise, it will just play the 40 seconds of the song.

    It looks like a lot of steps but you can do it very quickly and easily once you get the idea.

    Here is a video tudor of the above
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