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I'm thinking of upgrading to an iPhone, but all I have here in Western MA ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Can't wait for 3G service in Western, MA


    I'm thinking of upgrading to an iPhone, but all I have here in Western MA is EDGE network. I have to go to Albany, NY to start getting 3G service. And EDGE network just stinks in some locations. I can stand in one spot and get 2 bars, stand in another and get 1 bar, take 4 steps and get full bars. /sigh

    Originally it was said that 3G was coming to Western, MA at the end of 2009. Then it got put on hold due to budget and equipment I guess, and it's slated for some time 2010 but no one can give any more data than that. A story communicated that a High School in Williamstown, MA was slated to get a tower but something happened there...and it's not being constructed. I kind of feel like if you live in Western, MA...might as not even get a true smartphone like an iPhone until they get the service to support it (better). Even my Blackberry had coverage issues.

    I went from the Blackberry 8700c, to the Pantech C810, and now thinking the iPhone. My complaint with playing with the iPhone so far is the on screen keyboard. In testing it out...I often hit the wrong silly onscreen letter and end up with a garbage sentence.

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    The keyboard takes a good week or two to get used to. Trust me when I say it's the best touch screen board. As for the 3G? Well I don't have 3G either unless I travel down the road so I feel the frustration. Truth is I'm on WiFi more than anything anyway and WiFi beats 3G any day of the week. WiFi is in many, many places and most of the time it's free.

    When mobile I don't really need 3G all that much. Sure it's 100x better than Edge any day of the week but making calls and simply sending or receiving emails, text or chat is not really effected by 2g vs 3G. They are such small amounts of data packets it's does not really matter.

    3G is certainly awesome for streaming, watching, downloading large App files etc but even then I'm in a WiFi zone during those times anyway.

    So what I'm trying to saying is look at what your uses are and where u are when doing it more than just not having 3G coverage.
    At first I thought it was going to be a pain but then I realized I'm using WiFi at all those times and really not needing 3G.
    Edge works just fine with phone calls etc.

    Don't pass up on a great smartphone just b/c there is no 3G. You will still enjoy the device just as much without.


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