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Hi, I have an unlocked iphone and will be travelling to the US and Europe ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Can an iPhone work without a data plan?



    I have an unlocked iphone and will be travelling to the US and Europe in the near future. If I just buy a pay as you go sim card from T-Mobile, can I use this in my iphone? I realize I won't be able to browse the web or recieve emails but will the phone just work as a regular voice phone?


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    I believe data would work via wifi, no? Voice should work just fine...

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    it will work on tmobile without data or without a sim card on wifi.

    AT&T will force you into having a data plan
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    It will work. I used my iPhone a couple of months without a data plan on t-mobile. Just with voice and text. So you should be fine.
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    make sure you disable 3G in the settings as well as email or it will probably annoy you like crazy with pop ups about not having a data connection, blah, blah, blah..

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