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Hello- I wonder is there anyone out there that can give a good comparison to ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Blackberry Bold to IPhone EMail Comparison and Mobile ME



    I wonder is there anyone out there that can give a good comparison to the Email of the Bold and IPhone- This is the only area that seems to give me any difficulty whatsoever. The Iphone is trouncing the Blackberry Hands Down! Also, if Someone could give a good explanation of Mobile ME. When you sign up you get a Mobile Me email, so my Roadrunner account, what happens if someone sends me an email to that email address? Its a Pop-3, and Mobile ME is IMAP. Does that mean that I will get emails to both accounts automatically sent to my phone and PC.

    Lastly there are several issues with IE8 and Apple and Mobile ME, when I go to any apple site and I click ona button I get a substantial delay before anything happenes, it ONLY happens on a Apple site, this started after I loaded the newest version of Itunes. I have a PC running Vistal Ultamate and IE8-

    Anyone have an opinion on a "replacement browser such as the latest Safari or Firefox?

    I had a big suprise today, I was parked in the Car today, typing away an email, took a call, the call was "Overlayed" on the Email. The phone allowed me to take the call and continue with the email! Awesome Awesome Awesome, I could kick myself in the head for waiting so long before becoming a Jumper!

    Also, some of you know that I was having horrible difficulties with the Bold and Cell Calls- I have gone to the same places, and I have to tell you, maybe I should bite my lip, but I havent dropped a call yet!

    The IPhone is almost as exciting as Pinstack and Hayden!

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    iPhone beating a blackberry with email? HA! Hardly. I'm sorry, I love my iphone but compared to the blackberry phones the email system is piss poor. You can't set up separate email filters for your iphone, which I used extensively on the blackberries. You can't view all your emails in one view on the iphone, you have to swap to each account to view the emails from each. On the blackberries you can choose whether to view them all in one list (as I prefer it) or as the iphone has it on a per account basis. Blackberries are still the king of mobile email... hands down

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    have to give it to gorcorps on that--- email on the BB is the best- i hate having to go to account just to check emails on my other account-why cant i just see them all like the BB does!
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    I'm going to also side with those two on email and how it's handled. It would be more Apple-like if we were given that option to combine email boxes or separate them out like the current view. That and BBM are the only two things I sometimes miss w/the iPhone. It's certainly not a deal breaker but I prefer the BB email organization and the iPhone UI of course.

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